Trent Student Services Building | Peterborough, Ontario

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Trent University
Peterborough, Ontario
Partnering Architects

The new Trent University Student Centre is an $11M, 3,500 square metre facility designed to fulfill the growing academic and leisure needs of the students. Located at the main entrance to the University’s Peterborough Campus, the project is an exploration of connections: connecting the building with the site’s paths, forest and the bucolic Otonabee River; connecting the new construction to the historical precedent of Ron Thom’s magnificent architecture; and, most importantly, connecting the students with each other.

The building is comprised of three storeys with a large, central, indoor plaza rising through the entire height. Key to the design is the centrality and visibility of the indoor plaza, which acts as the hub for navigating and accessing all of the facility’s spaces and activities, indoor and outdoor.

The heart of the three storey building is a triple-height, indoor plaza which visually connects all of the center’s indoor and outdoor activities.

Within the plaza will be a variety of lounges and study spaces as well as circulation to the other activities on the ground floor and upper storeys. The flexibility of the indoor plaza will allow it to host additional student events like concerts and job fairs.

Students will circulate the centre’s three storey volume though a central circulation spine composed of stairs, benches, lounges, and a variety of adjoining study areas. The plaza’s flexible ground floor will facilitate concerts, job fairs, and other events integral to a healthy university student life.

The programmed spaces include three lecture halls, a restaurant, a coffee shop, a rentable event space, student association club spaces and offices, a career and entrepreneur centre and numerous study spaces and lounges.

The programmed spaces include two lecture halls, a flexible seating classroom, a restaurant, a coffee shop, a rentable event space, the Trent Central Student Association Offices, Student Club Spaces, A Career and Transitions Center, an Entrepreneur Centre, and a diversity of study spaces and lounges. Completion of the building will be in the summer of 2017.