Trent Student Services Building | Peterborough, ON

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Trent University
Peterborough, ON
Partnering Architects

The new Trent University Student Centre was designed to address two key aims: connecting students to the beautiful Otonabee River landscape; and connecting students to one another.  Its main entrance directly addresses the bus stop at the campus gateway, leading to a picturesque river walk via a new indoor student forum. Another entrance connects the pedestrian path along the campus entry road to the river walk. Together they form an ‘X’, centred at the focal point of the forum. The forum is a multi-height gathering space from which one can view all of the activities of the centre. It features a breathtaking panorama of the river. It is an indoor/outdoor space with a patio and upper level terrace. It is served with coffee and snacks and offers a wide variety of study and interaction areas. A unique feature of the facility is that it combines both and student centre and teaching and learning facilities, ensuring that it is always well used. Its unique photo-etched precast concrete exterior finish was created from an image of the original Trent rough aggregate concrete and in conjunction with wood roof detailing serves to connect to the architecture of the original campus.