Langara Science & Technology Building | Vancouver, BC

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Langara College
Vancouver, BC
Partnering Architects
Proscenium Architecture + Interiors

The new Sciences & Technology building designed by Teeple Architects will be a five-storey structure situated at the main northwestern entrance to the campus. A bold cantilever will define the structure and shape the campus edge, forming an iconic gateway into the campus.

This new building will contain some of the most significant departments at Langara College, brought together into a single, collaborative facility for the first time. The Sciences, including Chemistry, Biology, Physics/Astronomy, Nursing and Computer Sciences, will occupy the upper three levels, while Student Services and a food service function will be located on the lower two floors to for the greater campus community.

The labs contained on the upper three levels are designed to be flexible and adaptable for future change. High-service labs are situated near the top of the building, minimizing fume hood exhaust runs. This results in the creation of an economic, well-organized and dynamic new lab environment for Langara College.

Collaborative spaces—including the dramatic Vortex Lounge—permeate the entire building, providing visual inter-connectivity through the different program zones and facilitating collaboration and interdisciplinary learner-focused education.

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