SQ2 at Alexandra Park | Toronto, ON

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Tridel / TCHC
Toronto, ON
Partnering Architects

Part of a revitalization project that generates excitement and pride in Alexandra Park area, SQ2 is the second phase of a series of a residential development. This urban initiative was born from a partnership between Tridel, Toronto Community Housing and The Bowery Project, a not-for-profit organization committed to transform vacant urban lots into growing urban farms.

Like the SQ Block 11, SQ2 Block 13 combines innovative design, community initiatives and urban-social strategic development. Considered as complimenting the first project, SQ2 is developed at a different scale that is reflected in the treatment of the materials, the size of the volumes and the color applied to the facade.

The urban strategy focused on connecting the neighbourhood, close to the transit and schools. It supports the idea of a sustainable, green lifestyle that promotes walkability, the use of transportation and the development of green spaces. It also integrates the notion of public spaces that add value to buildings addressed to the community and to the neighbourhood at a broader scale.

The unit spaces are mainly designed for people who don’t need large houses but do want to live in a comfortable space and who plan their living on a long term.

The townhouses of the SQ2 project are developed through community consultation and are treated as stand-alone units. Daylight goes in through the stairs, the facade gives a sense of depth.