Edmonton Police Service Northwest Campus | Edmonton, AB

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City of Edmonton / Edmonton Police Service
Edmonton, AB
Under Construction
Partnering Architects
IBI Group

This project involves the creation of a new Northwest Campus for the Edmonton Police Service (EPS). The Campus will bring together five key EPS facilities—Recruit Training, Employee Development, the Force’s Information Management functions and Detainee Management Unit (DMU), and the new Northwest Division Station—into one synergetic whole. This is an exciting opportunity for EPS to build strong relationships between their services, and to present a dynamic yet welcoming and secure image to the public.

The facility is located within the planned new Goodridge Corners Neighbourhood in the northwest corner of the city. Historically, the site has been farmland, but the area will soon rapidly transform into a new urban area. The facility will play a crucial role in providing critical public services to the residents of the area, and establishing key public/private relationships within the community, as well as connections to the City beyond.

The intent of the design is both to provide EPS with the infrastructure it needs to deliver its mission and to express the core values of EPS in built form. The urban expression of these values specifically addresses the building’s role as a civic focal point and creates positive relationships with the key urban conditions specific to its location: establishing a gateway presence into the city from the north; defining new roads within the community; creating a prominent public front; and branching out toward the adjacent highway and city beyond. The overall image projected by both the building and site is one of dynamism, openness and responsiveness to the surrounding community.