VIDEO – Social Reflections: Langara College Science & Technology Building

Step inside our award-winning Science & Technology Building at Langara College in Vancouver, BC with an original film by Andrew Latreille and Jevan Crittenden.

The building’s bold cantilevered form creates an iconic gateway into Langara College’s Vancouver main campus. Creating the college’s first consolidated home for its science programs together with a one-stop-shop for key student services, the design fosters community through the creation of a variety of social and study spaces and a focus on visual and physical interconnectivity. Learn more at

A huge thank you to Andrew Latreille for his hard work, collaboration and creativity in the documentation of this project. Discover more of his work at

Project team includes Teeple Architects Inc., Proscenium Architecture & Interiors, Bird Construction, WSB, AES, AME, and PFS Studio.