Teeple Architects Announces Strategic Partnership with Bluwatr.

Teeple Architects is pleased to announce an expanded ownership team as part of its long-term strategic plan. Through a partnership with Bluwatr, the practice is aligning itself with an emerging platform of like-minded specialists in architecture and engineering, committed to technology-enhanced design innovation. While this partnership represents an important milestone in the practice’s evolution, Teeple Architects remains Teeple Architects. The firm’s leadership & management team remains unchanged, as does our commitment to delivering quality, value and creativity to clients and collaborators, through our unique studio culture and expertise. Moving forward, Founding Principal Stephen Teeple will remain the practice’s largest shareholder, after Bluwatr, which has a substantial interest through this partnership. The practice’s five additional Principals will transition into equity partners, positioning Teeple Architects for sustained growth, stability, and continued success.

Bluwatr is a unique growth platform managed by Architects and Engineers, designed exclusively for firms within the Architecture and Engineering sector. Their mission, centered on fostering positive, disruptive innovation through technology, aligns with Teeple’s ethos and legacy of innovative design. Bluwatr brings large-scale project expertise, valuable business intelligence, and a commitment to investing in forward-looking technological innovations within the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry.

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