Principals Stephen Teeple and Tomer Diamant to Speak at 2020 Advanced Building Skins

Principals Stephen Teeple and Tomer Diamant will be speaking at the 2020 Advanced Building Skins (ABS) Conference in Bern, Switzerland from October 26-27, 2020. The conference brings together architects, engineers, scientists, manufacturers, and the building industry to discuss the latest trends and new developments in sustainable building design. The annual international conference attracts 800 participants from over fifty countries.

Stephen Teeple and Tomer Diamant will be speaking on the Langara College Science & Technology Building with a particular focus on Parametric Design and Digital Fabrication. The talk, titled ‘Lessons from the Langara Science Building’, will explore strategies for delivering a high performance building envelope in a cost-constrained environment. This was achieved on the Langara College project through the coupling of inexpensive and readily available cladding systems with strategically customized elements, designed through a pragmatic, collaborative process.

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