Stephen Teeple Receives Honorary Degree from Trent University

Principal and founder Stephen Teeple has received an Honorary Doctorate of Laws from Trent University at this year’s Convocation Ceremony. Mr. Teeple has lead the design on a number of buildings at the of the Symons Campus at Trent University in Peterborough, including Trent University Childcare Centre (1994), the Physics Building (1999), the Chemical Sciences Building (2008), and most recently the new Student Centre (2017).

In acknowledgment of the recognition from Trent University, Mr. Teeple said, “It has been an honour to contribute to the Trent University landscape, and—in turn—Trent University has contributed to my professional development and the opportunities that have been awarded to Teeple Architects.”

“As a teacher, as the architect who has taken up the torch from our master architect Ronald Thom, and as an eloquent advocate of a sustainable cultural environment, he epitomizes the ‘spirit of Trent.’” We believe he is an eminent candidate for an honorary degree from our university.” – anonymous nominator. Learn more here.