UBC Okanagan Nechako Housing Commons | Kelowna, BC

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Academic / Residential
University of British Columbia
Kelowna, BC
Under Construction
Partnering Architects
SAHURI + Partners

Nechako Commons will be an important new facility and urban landmark on University of British Columbia’s beautiful Okanagan campus. The building has been imagined as a simple 4-storey linear residential bar perched above the dynamic form of two levels of public space. The two-storey base accommodates shared amenities and ‘commons block’ programs serving the entire campus residence community, which have been conceived to interact with and animate the campus spaces around them. Main entrances and key program areas naturally tie into pedestrian routes and are signalled and animated by façade transparency. The residential bar consists of efficient, yet accommodating residence rooms that frame the campus’ Commons Field to the north and compliment the massing of surrounding existing residences. The shared spaces of the residential bar link upward, joining the project into a single whole.