Bianca Condominiums | Toronto, ON

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Toronto, ON
In Construction
Partnering Architects
Kirkor Architects (AOR)

Bold in its architectural expression, Bianca is a nine-storey boutique mid-rise condominium that makes a statement. The building features a contemporary, all-white façade and large striking terraces that provide sweeping views of the neighbourhood. An artificial hillside is created from angling the south side of the building facing Dupont Street. Influenced by Rachel Whiteread’s sculpture Embankment at the Tate Modern, Teeple Architects’ design carves a three-dimensional grid into the hill, creating spaces for suites and terraces. Gaps and imperfections were introduced to the grid to give a naturalness to the form and create complex spaces within the façade itself. The result is a rich façade reminiscent of the iconic hillside villages of Greece’s coastline.

Following an extensive study to examine the redevelopment potential of Dupont Street, now one of Toronto’s busiest thoroughfares, this formerly industrial corridor is about to transform into one of the city’s most preeminent arts and cultural corridors, with a multitude of new residential developments planned for construction. Bianca’s massing is appropriate for the nearby Dupont subway station, future mid-rise developments for this stretch of Dupont, and the proximity to the CP Rail corridor. At grade, the frontage of the site connecting to Dupont Street is designated for ground floor retail that will encourage foot traffic, offer additional urban conveniences to the neighbourhood residents, and encourage local businesses.