An Overdue Overhaul: The Stanley A. Milner Library Renewal Appears in Western Exteriors

The Stanley A. Milner Library Renewal appeared in the Summer 2018 issue of Western Exteriors Magazine. Principal Stephen Teeple told the publication that “the completed project will add to a series of exciting public buildings that frame Sir Winston Churchill Square and will help create a dynamic downtown district.”

Western Exteriors Magazine writes that “this ambitious building renovation project will involve replacing the building’s pre-cast concrete envelope, removing a 1990s-era addition to the building’s exterior, and extensive updates to the library’s environmental and mechanical systems. At more than 230,000 square feet, the new Milner Library will operate on a scale much larger and grander than the old facilities, providing more space for the services its customers need, want and have come to expect from EPL.” Read the full article here.